Habitat Activity Center

The HAC Facility

The Habitat Activity Center facility is used to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Miami and Shelby Counties construction and repair projects, educational programs and support community carpentry/woodwork projects.

All HAC items are made by volunteers who have donated their time to our mission.

The habitat activity center is 5,000 square feet. Volunteers donate their time to repurpose items for the ReStore, build additional items for build sites as well as work on projects for nonprofits.

Projects are considered through an application process.

The business or organization pays for the value of their materials used on the project. All labor is donated.

HAC group Left to right - Mark, Carl, David and Ron at the Habitat Activity Center
HAC Made Items at ReStore

Education & Training

Learn through construction education workshops and affiliate education programs. You'll learn things about home maintenance and equipment, as well as energy, utilities, insurance; etc.


Projects such as pre-fabrication for "Builds", shed construction, etc.


Repairs include weatherization, home preservation, critical repair projects, and special projects (i.e. wheelchair ramps, homeowner educational trainer, etc.)

ReStore Products

Work on ReStore projects like picnic tables, planters, chairs, other woodworking projects, etc.

Community Project Application

Complete the HAC Project Application to get YOUR Carpentry or Woodwork project started.


An opportunity for volunteers to engage in Community and Habitat projects in a controlled environment.

If you are interested in entering the Habitat Activity Center Project Program here at Habitat for Humanity of Miami and Shelby Counties, you can call or email Maureen O’Keefe at mokeefe@hfhmco.org - 937.332.3763 Ext.0